Chi + Pals

The weekend when some of my besties came to Chi and we hung out. CHI from Rownak Rahman on Vimeo. Advertisements

St. Patty’s in CHI

Chicago is a beautiful city and i was so #blessed to have my first project assignment there! It was such an amazing place to explore during the few months I “part time” lived there. Staying there Monday-Thursday would get kind of lonely when I’d roam around the city by myself. Some of my close friends…

Galentine’s Weekend

Taking advantage of being single AF with my bestie, the Douche XO from Rownak Rahman on Vimeo.

New Year New City

I’m living it up in Chicago, the Windy City I’m one of the lucky ones I think. I get to travel a lot for my job! It’s a luxury to see so many cool places so easily! Where am I now? Since December, training ended, Christmas swept in, I moved back to Houston, and then…