NOLA Zolas




1.female homies

Sudanese origin

NOLA from Rownak on Vimeo.

A spontaneous road trip took me to NOLA one random March weekend because why not? Google maps estimated it to be a 5 hr 40 min drive…

Never underestimate the bathroom breaks, snack breaks, fuel breaks, and demands for cleaner bathrooms because omg SOS at some of them.

(I was the main culprit for the frequent breaks but idgaf man)

7-8 hrs later, WE ARRIVED. And immediately fell asleep. Beauty sleep>>>>>>

Me and my zolas, we travel to the destination slowly but we explore efficiently! We spent the entire Saturday sightseeing and then headed back to Houston after Sunday brunch! Also, wowza, New Orleans is A TINY CITY. We had a car and once you’re downtown, everything is a 5 min drive away.

And now the deets.


Our journey started in The French Market

2017-03-18 10.45.18

2017-03-18 10.35.47

2017-03-18 10.48.072017-03-18 10.46.142017-03-18 10.43.31

2017-03-18 10.54.00

We walked all over the market. They had different segmented areas. Food stalls, Flea market, and Farmer’s market! There were streets with the classic New Orleans balconies and vibrant colored buildings. The architecture was an interesting mix of Spanish and French styles. And music for days! Every restaurant had its own live band. This city is literally in a constant state of celebration.

2017-03-18 10.57.302017-03-18 10.58.442017-03-18 11.03.03

We inquired

2017-03-18 11.03.56

And saw some voodoo mama juju

2017-03-18 11.27.402017-03-18 11.01.122017-03-18 11.06.442017-03-18 11.11.272017-03-18 11.16.12

And no trip is complete without several photoshoots of OOTDs

2017-03-18 11.31.112017-03-18 11.29.572017-03-18 11.28.502017-03-18 11.32.462017-03-18 11.33.16

And still around the French Market

2017-03-18 11.46.592017-03-18 13.44.04

Lunchtime came out of no where because we were so mesmerized by all of the sights. Suddenly we were starving and stumbled upon a really cool food stall. I was too hungry to think of taking pics and inhaled my crab cake po boy asap.

And then to the mosque we went.

2017-03-18 13.54.522017-03-18 14.19.082017-03-18 14.19.24

NOLA has above ground cemeteries since it’s built on top of a swamp. There were some very elaborate mausoleums.

“Cities of the Dead”

2017-03-18 14.42.092017-03-18 14.39.22


But first beignets

2017-03-18 15.35.25

Not the best experience at whatever place we went to…

But were the beignets delicious? YES.

And then Michael joined! MY BESTEST FWEEEEENNNDDD

2017-03-18 16.32.52

I wanted to take a really cute picture with him for the gram and I made a joke about doing lame engagement photo poses…

And we followed through…

In another life, he and I would make a beautiful biracial couple with beautiful creative engiNERD babes. 

My zolas were not left behind ok, they had their photo shoot in the park also!

2017-03-18 15.06.302017-03-18 16.24.552017-03-18 16.37.262017-03-18 16.45.112017-03-18 16.45.572017-03-18 16.48.08

This is my Marilyn Monroe pic… the resemblance is truly uncanny

2017-03-18 16.48.392017-03-18 16.56.292017-03-18 17.14.202017-03-18 17.17.41

Also, have you met my friend Mariam? She’s an aspiring doctor boss/elite part time model

2017-03-18 17.15.342017-03-18 17.17.022017-03-18 17.17.232017-03-18 17.32.04

We wrapped up the night with a delicious Mediterranean meal. Took dinner to go and picnicked on top of a beautiful bridge over the river.

2017-03-18 18.26.522017-03-18 18.27.322017-03-18 19.19.57


And then we had brunch!

2017-03-19 11.23.292017-03-19 11.30.25

And before we headed out, my girls were looking DAMN GUD VOAH

so pics pics pics

2017-03-19 10.44.46

ha ha I get it, cuz you’re NOT… irony

2017-03-19 10.46.11

is Mariam even in the pic???

2017-03-19 10.46.212017-03-19 10.46.552017-03-19 10.49.18

oof ❤

2017-03-19 10.49.302017-03-19 10.54.00


2017-03-19 10.54.55

2017-03-19 10.50.082017-03-19 10.47.17

Thank you Selma for being the best driver, tour guide, trip planner. I had the best time evs.


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