Flute & Lobster: Boston

Traveling to Boston in April was the best! The weather was beautiful, the city is beautiful, the people are beautiful gaahh!! In the short weekend I was there, I FELL IN LOVE.

I loved the quaint beautiful cobble stone streets! I loved the harbor and the food and the cold wind. If I ever find a reason to move there,  I will take that opportunity and run with it!

One of my high school best friends was having his final Masters recital in flute performance and I went to support him! He’s a very talented musician and I hadn’t listened to him play since the good ol’ days of high school band! (Yes, I was a band nerd. No regrets. #clarinet4lyfe)

I found my excuse to travel to Boston and roped in a couple of my friends! Our itinerary was super efficient!  In 2 and a half days, I feel like we hit a lot of places. My advice to anyone planning a trip to Boston: follow the freedom trail!

I’d love to go back and spend more time in each of the places we passed by, but seriously, the freedom trail takes you all over the city to the most beautiful spots! I’m sure Bostonians and avid travelers would scoff at my suggestion, but it worked for us!

Anyways, without further ado, here are my fav pics from my new fav city!


I got off the plane and met up with a close family friend that showed me all around Harvard, Harvard Square, and the Charles River.




Dominic’s Master’s Recital


And of course we had a congratulatory photo shoot with the maestro cuz that boy slays with his outfit choices ALL DAY.


pls examine those boots

After the v v classy event, we had dinner at some chain pizza place because everything else was closed. Dinner was not photographed nor was it worth photographing haha.


My coworker bestie Sara flew in and joined us to explore Boston.

Literally, we found the Freedom Trail and followed it all day to Paul Revere’s house.

2016-04-23 10.45.34.jpg












On Sunday before our flights, we toured around a gorgeous church, went to the Mapparium (highly recommend to anyone and everyone) had brunch, did some shopping, and then went on our separate paths! Most of it went unphotographed unfortunately! I guess I’ll have to go back for the pictures…



Twas a short lived trip but still so magical. Till next time Boston, ILYSM.


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