NYC in April

As cliche as it may be, I think New York is definitely my favorite city to visit in the US. There’s just so much to do and see

every day

all the time


Most of my friends always love how beautiful and diverse NYC is. Each of the neighborhoods feature a different culture: people, food, fashion, and markets. I’m from Houston and was super #blessed to be raised in a multicultural community… But New York is on another level.

This was my third trip to NYC in the past 2 years but it’s been my favorite one so far!

I went for no other reason than the fact that I missed my best friend, Mary Ivor Weaver. Even though I have seen her more in the past few months than I have in the past 5 years… but the heart wants what it wants: I missed her, I had the plane tickets, and so to NYC I flew!

2016-04-15 12.30.10

What made this trip so fun was the fact that we (I) had no agenda. I’ve done all the MAIN touristy things so I just wanted to hang out and eat. I also get really easily excited doing basically anything and since all of it is new to me, I had A BLAST! We also got to do a lot of things on Mary’s NYC bucket list! So it was a win/win situation all around!

I arrived after work on Thursday and spent my first evening hanging out around her apartment eating the greatest Salmon burgers I’ve ever had in my life courtesy of her older sister Stephanie! Unfortunately I have no pics because I devoured them ASAP.

The next three days went by tooo quickly with trips to the best food and shops. I ALSO HAD MY FIRST BROADWAY EXPERIENCE. AND OH MAN LES MISERABLES ON THE STAGE>>>>> I also convinced one of my besties to tag along on the trip and shockingly she said YES!!

The Ladies of Katy in NYC


Without further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures of the weekend!


2016-04-15 14.55.31

Fairy Tale Fashion Exhibit

2016-04-15 14.45.36

Emotion through Art

Overwhelmed, Serene, Determined, and Anxiety

Chelsea Market

2016-04-15 11.22.17

2016-04-15 12.15.57.jpg

2016-04-15 12.08.49

The High Line

2016-04-15 12.50.37

2016-04-15 12.45.50

Levain Bakery [I did not get any pictures of the cookies because I was too concentrated on eating them and dying from happiness. I don’t even like cookies]

2016-04-15 15.31.28

Dinner in Santorini



2016-04-16 16.34.45

All around Brooklyn

2016-04-16 09.06.352016-04-16 09.04.092016-04-16 09.11.312016-04-16 09.05.57

2016-04-16 10.37.482016-04-16 10.53.072016-04-16 10.22.45

Les Miserables on Broadway

I did it all!! Posed with every Les Mis Poster I could find, bawled my eyes out because the show was absolutely beautiful, waited to get autographs, and got pics with my fav actors

2016-04-16 11.53.552016-04-16 15.16.322016-04-16 15.22.552016-04-16 15.23.182016-04-16 15.19.07

Souvenirs from Times Square because why not

Shopping but mostly posing in SoHo

2016-04-16 16.30.332016-04-16 16.23.022016-04-16 16.22.442016-04-16 16.12.35

Dinner in the Garden

2016-04-16 20.17.072016-04-16 20.14.39


Brooklyn Bridge Street

Bagels at the Promenade


Farewells are never fun but I smiled through the tears. Till next time Mary!



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