St. Patty’s in CHI

Chicago is a beautiful city and i was so #blessed to have my first project assignment there! It was such an amazing place to explore during the few months I “part time” lived there.

Staying there Monday-Thursday would get kind of lonely when I’d roam around the city by myself. Some of my close friends and I coordinated a weekend to stay in Chicago which ALSO happened to be St. Patrick’s Day weekend… I didn’t even know until the Thursday before.

The Chicago locals go pretty hard during this whole weekend with beads and green beer all around. We all got up early Saturday and left the hotel around 8am only to be greeted by a town that had been ALIVE hours before we’d woken up. FYI drinking begins at ~12am and the locals PARTY HARD.

They also have a really awesome tradition of dying the river green! I’ve never seen a town so dedicated to specific holiday.

2016-03-12 09.06.36

What we did

We took in the downtown sites

2016-03-12 11.33.45

ate beautiful sushi….

2016-03-10 20.25.11

tried to get cultured at a museum…

2016-03-10 17.24.44

went to the top of the Sears Tower (Willis whatever)

took the gorgeous riverboat architecture tour (WOW)

2016-03-12 14.45.08

2016-03-12 15.34.17

THE BEAN (i don’t know why this is my favorite place EVER)

and ate a lot of food and stuff.

2016-03-11 07.33.242016-03-12 08.28.102016-03-12 20.41.382016-03-11 20.42.422016-03-10 20.08.532016-03-11 07.51.092016-03-11 07.51.212016-03-11 19.55.422016-03-11 20.14.142016-03-11 20.14.262016-03-12 08.28.412016-03-12 08.28.29



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